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James M. Sweeney & Associates, Inc.

James M. Sweeney & Associates, Inc.

The Risk Management Company

Wholesale, Retail and Franchising

With substantial inventories and employee access to customer accounts, wholesalers, retailers and franchisees face significant opportunities for employee misconduct including inventory shrinkage, fraud, and identity theft. The recent FACTA legislation designed to curb identity theft places the burden of destroying consumer credit information squarely on the shoulders of retailers who accept consumer credit applications.

In addition retailers have historically faced substantial employee turnover, which places added pressure on their recruiting and staffing efforts. James M. Sweeney and Associates, Inc. can assess the retailer's risk factors, devise a plan to minimize workplace misconduct, minimize the opportunity for identity theft, and assist in developing a recruitment strategy that will result in lower employee turnover rates.

Services Available:

  • Investigative Services
  • Consulting and Training Services
  • Employment Screening Services